Asian Turtle Crisis

Turtles have roamed the earth for the last 200 million years. They have managed to outlive the dinosaurs who became extinct 60 millions ago. The biggest threat today facing turtles is the Asian Soup Pots. An estimated 1 Billion Chinese are now eating turtles and using them for medical use.

There are 90 species of turtles and tortoises that are now threatened and some are considered endangered.











Holding Tank


Crates upon crates of captured turtles --piled on top of each other to await their fate.
This is an average day's capture of Asian Box Turtles waiting for export.


Holding pen
Turtle shells





Malaysian Giant Turtles from Indonesia in holding pens waiting for export to the food markets in China.
Bags of turtles shells that will be used in Chinese medicine.


Around the world --groups of biologists, herpetologists and hobbyist are working together to stop the senseless capture of endangered turtles for the Asian food markets and have started captive breeding programs to ensure their survival.

One such group is the Turtle Survival Alliance that played a major role in December/01 when 7,500 turtles were confiscated in Hong Kong for the Chinese food market.







Chris Tabaka treating Notochelys




Dr. Terry Norton--Vet Team Pat Ruby--Photo


Click on the images above to view more photos of the rescue operation of the Turtle Survival Alliance in Flordia.